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Certified Translations
Translations by a Publicly Appointed, Sworn Translator

Illustration: Certified Translations
Certified Translation – What It Means
Authorities often require certified or confirmed translations of a document. In Germany, sworn translators will translate a document and confirm the translation's correctness and completeness by signing and stamping it and by providing a note of certification at the end of the document.
As a publicly appointed and sworn translator registered with the Oberlandesgericht Dresden, I am entitled to provide certified translations from English to German and vice versa. Certified translations must be presented to the authorities in their original from. Therefore, you will receive your translation via regular mail rather than e-mail. You are, of course, free to pick it up at my office. Please note that the translation of a document is no replacement for the original document; you must be in posession of the original document for the translation to be legally effective.
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Types of Documents
Translations of the following documents often have to be certified:
As with regular translations, the amount of money you have to spend on a translation largely depends on the amount of text which needs to be translated, as well as the difficulty of the text. An additional cost factor is the necessary formatting effort. Some texts require a great amount of formatting since, in addition to having the same content, certified translations also have to look as similar to the original as possible. I estimate the cost based on the source text you provide. That way, I can offer you a binding quote right from the start. I charge per standard line (55 characters each, including spaces). As some documents are usually very similar in wording (e. g. driver's licenses or birth certificates), I can offer a fixed rates for certain types of documents.
There is an additional certification fee of 15 EUR for all certified translations. This fee pays for the note of certification, signing and stamping, and includes the cost for eyelets or basting cotton in case of a multi-page translation, as well as printing costs and postage.
The minimum charge for a certified translation is 20 EUR. Please note that an extra charge will apply for very urgent translations.
Quote and Order Confirmation – Some Advice
I would be happy to send you a free, binding quote for your text. Your material as well as the quote will be treated strictly confidential, of course. To award me the translation job, simply sign the quote and return it to me.
To help me create an offer tailored to your text, please be sure to send me the entire source text. I work with most of the common file formats. Unfortunately, characters can only be counted in editable documents (e. g. doc, .docx, .rtf files). In non-editable documents (e. g. .jpg, .pdf or .tif files), I will have to estimate the number of characters with workarounds that are usually not 100 % precise.
As well as the source text, please provide the following information:

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