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Consecutive Interpreting

Illustration: Interpreting
Interpreting – What It Means
Interpreting means converting an oral text from one language into another. When the speaker and the interpreter speak at the same time, e.g. at a conference, we call that simultaneous interpreting. In consecutive interpreting, the speaker talks first and then waits while the interpreter speaks.
The consecutive interpreting I offer is bilateral, meaning I interpret from English to German and vice versa. Are you arranging negotiations with German-speaking business partners? Are you planning a lecture in Germany and want the local audience to hear it in their native tongue? Is there a private function coming up where you don't want to have to think about language barriers? I look forward to interpreting lectures, speeches, negotiations and spontaneous conversation on-site. Naturally, you can rely on my utmost discretion.
Language Pairs

I charge for interpreting services based on the time invested. Usually, a daily rate (eight hours) of 400 EUR applies. For shorter amounts of time in the Dresden/Leipzig area, we can agree on an hourly rate. Please note that both daily and hourly rates only cover the time spent on-site. Additional costs for my preparation time as well as a travel allowance of 30 Cents per kilometer apply.
Quote and Order Confirmation – Some Advice
I would be happy to send you a free, binding quote for your text. Your material as well as the quote will be treated strictly confidential, of course. To award me the interpreting job, simply sign the quote and return it to me.
To help me create a quote tailored to your needs, please provide the following information: Thorough preparation on my part is essential to make sure my interpreting complements your communication in the best way possible. Any material you could provide (e.g. prepared speeches, presentations) would be most welcome.

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