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Translation Ulrike Thamm-Friedebach
Proofreading and Editing of English and German Texts

Illustration: Proofreading
Proofreading and Editing – What It Means
It's a phenomenon known to all producers of text that, no matter how often one checks a text, the first person to look at it is sure to find the mistake one has overlooked a hundred times. In proofreading, I check your English or German text for mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Printed works or correspondence – be sure you approach business partners and the public with formally flawless texts.
In addition to the aforementioned points, editing also encompasses improving the text in terms of expression, style and comprehensibility and ensuring consistency in writing and terminology. Owing to my comprehensive intercultural training, I am aware of the specific characteristics of German and English text types and can match your texts with the requirements of the target culture. Making sure that your correspondence and printed works are formally correct is one thing – easy-to-read and comprehensible texts, however, win over clients and business partners in their own way.
British English
American English

An hourly rate of 35 EUR applies for proofreading and editing jobs. I will estimate the time necessary based on the amount of text. Please note that an extra charge of 15 EUR will apply for very urgent jobs.
Quote and Order Confirmation – Some Advice
I would be happy to send you a free, binding quote for your text. Your material as well as the quote will be treated strictly confidential, of course. To award me the editing or proofreading job, simply sign the quote and return it to me.
To create a quote tailored to your needs, I require the entire text as .pdf file or in a common word processing format as well as the delivery date desired. If your text is in English, please specify the language variant you have chosen (British or American English). Please make sure to brief me on any aspects you would like me to focus on in particular, so I can fulfill your requirements in the best way possible.

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