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Translation Ulrike Thamm-Friedebach
Intercultural Training

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Intercultural Training – What It Means
The differences between Germany and the English-speaking world are not limited to language. In fact, even the English-speaking world cannot be seen as one homogeneous unit. Every country has its own culture, shaped by a unique set of standards and values. Violating these unspoken rules and failing to meet the expectations of a society will result in some sort of sanction – consciously or subconsciously. At the worst, business relations break down or don't develop at all, yet nobody knows who was at fault.
Are you preparing to work with German business partners for the first time? Do you already have business contacts in Germany, but often encounter problems in communication? I have been trained in the cultural characteristics of the German- and English-speaking world and am happy to help. During small group or one-to-one sessions, I will give you an understanding of the most important features of the German culture – or the ones of a different English-speaking country. Examples from everyday working life will give you an insight into how cultural characteristics can affect business life.
For intercultural training, I charge 50 EUR per teaching unit (45 minutes). Please note that this rate only covers the time spent on-site. Additional costs for my preparation time as well as a travel allowance of 30 Cents per kilometer apply.
Planning Sessions – Some Advice
To help me prepare for our training sessions the best way possible, please provide the following information:

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