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Translation Ulrike Thamm-Friedebach
General and Specialized Translations

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Translation – What It Means
We speak of translation whenever a written text is converted from one language into another. As a trained translator, I will match your texts with the specific requirements and characteristics of the target language and culture, as well as creating linguistically flawless translations. I use a translation memory system, a type of software which is tailored to the needs of translators. It helps me use consistent, client-specific terminology and speeds up the translation process without compromising the quality of your translations. I use SDL Trados, which is a very common product among language service providers. As a translator, I have been accepted into the Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer e. V., the largest and most important German association of professional interpreters and translators.
Mitglied im BDÜ I work with Trados Studio 2011
Language Pairs

Subject Areas
My areas of expertise include: Naturally, I would be happy to become acquainted with any other subject field to meet your translation needs. Any in-house reference material you could provide would be most helpful for that process.
The amount of money you have to spend on a translation largely depends on the amount of text which needs to be translated, as well as the difficulty of the text. I estimate the cost based on the source text you provide. That way, I can offer you a binding quote right from the start. I charge per standard line (55 characters each, including spaces). Additionally, the text in figures, charts and graphs often needs to be translated as well. I would be happy to carry out the necessary localization and layout adaptation at 10 EUR per figure. Please note that an extra charge will apply for very urgent translations.
The minimum charge for a translation or localization job is 20 EUR. Be sure to ask about discounts for subsequent orders!
Quote and Order Confirmation – Some Advice
I would be happy to send you a free, binding quote for your text. Your material as well as the quote will be treated strictly confidential, of course. To award me the translation job, simply sign the quote and return it to me.
To help me create an estimate tailored to your text, please be sure to send me the entire source text. I work with most of the common file formats. Unfortunately, most text processing software can only calculate the character count of non-editable files (e.g. .jpg, .pdf or .tif files) with workarounds – it may even become necessary to guess. If at all possible, please send your file or files in an editable format to ensure that my estimate is based on the exact character count.
As well as the source text, please provide the following information:
To ensure that your translation is not only linguistically and technically correct, but also meets your specific needs and requirements, the following information can be very helpful: The more information I have about the text, the better the translation will be. Of course, all information and materials provided by you will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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